The Northern Alberta Wood Carvers Association (NAWCA) was conceived in 1980 by people who loved to carve wood. We have since grown to approximately eighty members, but our mission remains the same: to promote and support the art of woodcarving, particularly in Northern Alberta, Canada.

We accomplish this by

  • Hosting weekly woodcarving sessions every Wednesdays where carvers get together informally and work on their carvings. New carvers are helped by experienced members through coaching and mentoring on a simple beginner project.
  • Supporting and promoting courses in various styles of carving including chip, relief, caricature, birds, animals, fish and humans in-the-round, wood spirits or whimsical houses in bark, love spoons and canes and walking sticks.
  • Hosting an annual carving show & competition at the end of April each year.
  • Presenting carving demonstrations at various locations and events throughout the Edmonton area to promote the art of woodcarving and the Association.
  • Donating a Christmas Tree decorated with members’ hand-carved ornaments to the University of Alberta Hospital’s annual “Festival of Trees.”